Chicago Monuments Available

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If you’re currently on the lookout for high-quality Chicago monuments for sale, then you don’t have to worry at all. ABC Monuments is a prominent Windy City-based company that specializes in in Chicago monuments and headstones. If someone you truly care about has just passed away, you can turn to ABC Monuments for help in finding a monument that is the best possible option for the recently deceased individual.

The options in monuments that are available at ABC Monuments are very numerous. If you’re looking for monuments, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a vast assortment of them. The attractive and durable granite monuments that are available at ABC Monuments not only are durable and sturdy, but they’re also always priced very well. If you want to purchase a meaningful and reliable granite monument without having to spend a lot of money, the team at ABC Monuments can undoubtedly assist you.

The monuments available at ABC Monuments are produced with the assistance of the loveliest granite possible. This applies not only to the monuments but also to the grave markers, memorials and headstones. When it comes to first-rate monuments, grave markers, memorials and headstones, the professionals who represent ABC Monuments truly know what they’re doing at all times.

The greatest craftsmen involved in Chicago’s stone carving, monument and headstone worlds work on the beautiful offerings that are available for sale at ABC Monuments. If you want to be 100 percent confident in your Chicago monument purchase, then ABC Monuments may indeed be an option that provide you with ample relaxation and peace of mind.

Monument installation work is also available from the professionals at ABC Monuments. If you’re looking for secure and reliable installation for a monument, the pros at ABC Monuments can help you out. They can also help with headstone and memorial installation. The only requirement is that the location is within a 60 mile radius of the Windy City. ABC Monuments’s installation specialists have extensive training and, as a result, are truly skilled professionals. When you depend on these talented specialists to install your monument, you never have to worry for even a second.

If you’re looking for monuments in or around Chicago, ABC Monuments wants to make things as easy and convenient as possible for you. If you have any concerns regarding the first-rate monuments that are available from this company, don’t hesitate to call them for further assistance. The goal at ABC Monuments is to provide customers with A+ monuments and excellent customer service in all situations, no matter what.

Why Chicago Granite is the Best Choice for your Decor

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When it comes to countertops, choosing the right material is especially important. There is a wide variety of tile, vinyl, quartz, laminate, marble and granite available. Chicago granite is the preferred choice of many locals.

Marble and granite available in many different patterns and colors. Chicago granite is an excellent material that resists heat, cold and scratches. The highest quality material is used and highly qualified technicians complete installation quickly. An expert will demonstrate how the various colors will fit in with your décor.

Granite has been used for numerous important structures throughout history. In the 11th century AD the world’s first granite temple was built in India. No other materials were used. As a tough material, it is often used in today’s construction industry and has been used for years to make cemetery and memorial stones.

Although there are similarities between marble and granite, there are a number of reasons that people choose granite. While marble has a basic color, with veins of contrasting color running throughout, granite is made of a variety of colors that create a continuous pattern throughout. This makes it an attractive addition to a kitchen or bathroom.

Chicago granite displays a higher record of durability and hardness so is more resistant to scratches and chips than marble. Although, like marble, granite must be sealed every two years, it requires less maintenance. A wet cloth is all that is needed to keep it looking like new.

Granite is somewhat lower in cost than marble countertops. The finished price depends on the type of sink used and the number of seams and corners involved. When the color is chosen it is important to obtain a written estimate. The company will stand behind their product with reasonable prices and good warranties.

Many people who have purchased modular homes have discovered that countertops are covered with a vinyl material that looks like granite. Unfortunately, this material is sensitive to heat or cold dishes, pots and pans. If they are placed on the vinyl surface, it will char or buckle. This emphasizes the advantages of choosing granite that will last for years and eliminate any worry about accidentally placing a hot item on its surface.

Choosing the right materials for one’s home often depends on the room’s design and personal desires. It is possible to find a granite pattern that will fulfill both of these requirements. As time goes on it will become apparent that this is an excellent choice.

Chicago Tombstones: Tips for Choosing the Best Option

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It can be quite difficult to choose the perfect tombstone for an individual at any point. However, one of the most difficult times to choose one is immediately after a loved one has died and when the funeral home is pressuring the relative to pick one out quickly. Knowing a few tips for making the right choice can help ease the stress of the process and provide peace of mind that one has chosen from the best Chicago tombstones available.Chicago Headstones & Monuments from GeoKat

First, the cemetery may have specific qualifications for how the tombstone should look. Oftentimes, church cemeteries have the most stringent rules and may want all the tombstones in the churchyard to appear uniform.This may limit individuals on tombstone height, shape and color. For example, some cemeteries may only allow slanted tombstones or upright tombstones and may not allow tombstones carved into shapes, such as crosses, or tombstones with additional features, such as stone vases. Other cemeteries may only allow black or gray stones rather than all colors.

Second, some cemeteries may only want flat headstones that are either slightly raised from the ground or flush with the ground. These headstones are typically smaller than upright or slanted tombstones are and may not include as much space for pictures or epitaphs on them. However, they create a pleasing atmosphere and are quite easy for groundskeepers to tend.

Third, the choice of a tombstone is up to personal preference once the requirements of the cemetery are fulfilled. One thing to consider in Chicago is the type of stone used. Here, granite is the best choice, being a strong, long-lasting stone. Other options that are sometimes seen include sandstone, limestone, slate and marble. However, these have a tendency to wear away in the inclement weather often seen here. Individuals will also be able to choose a personal epitaph and engraving for the tombstone if desired or may want to have a photograph engraved on the stone.

Finally, individuals should be aware of regulations regarding installation of Chicago tombstones. Some cemeteries do it free for the individuals while others levy an additional fee. On the other hand, some tombstone companies install their own tombstones. At ABC Monuments, trained professionals can install the headstone of one’s choice.

ABC Monuments provides high quality Chicago tombstones that will stand the test of time and endure for many generations. GeoKat has a huge selection of stones of all shapes and sizes and can provide a wide array of colors, including black, gray, mahogany and red. The service here is always compassionate and professional.

Chicago Pet Memorials: a Loving Tribute to a Loving Companion

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A family pet holds a special place in one’s life. Whether the pet is a dog, cat, bird or another creature, it provides joy, companionship and a caring presence. When pets pass on, families will want to remember the unique bond they shared. Although pictures are nice, they often do not stand the test of time. Loving grave markers, such as Chicago pet memorials, are a solid way of commemorating the love of a lost pet.

The pet memorials at ABC Monuments are made of the finest quality materials. While some may like the price of cheaper stones, such as limestone, sandstone or slate, GeoKat believes that using premium granite for pet memorials is well worth the investment. Granite can be cut into virtually any shape, can be etched and polished and comes in a wide array of colors, including black, gray, mahogany and pink.

In addition, granite is designed to hold up amazingly well over the years. Other softer stones wear away when exposed to years of rain, snow, ice and wind, common themes in the Chicago area. This can destroy the lettering and carved designs on the memorial’s face. However, granite stands up to the elements much better, lasting in much the same condition for decades. This is particularly important for pet memorials that will be placed outdoors.

Chicago Pet Memorials

ABC Monuments can make a variety of pet memorials, such as garden stones, pet markers or pet headstones. These memorials are not limited only to use in a pet cemetery. Instead, GeoKat wants pet owners to feel that they can take the memory of their loved pet with them wherever they go. These memorials serve as excellent reminders when placed in a home garden, or they can be used as grave markers for pets buried on the family property.

In addition, an expertly engraved pet memorial can be the perfect gift for those who have recently lost their own pets. Some people do not know what to say when a friend’s pet dies. A granite pet memorial can do all the talking by showing a deep level of compassion and understanding.

Whether an individual is looking for expertly designed Chicago pet memorials to commemorate his or her own loss or to console a loved one on the loss of a pet, ABC Monuments is an excellent choice for Chicagoans living in the north or west suburbs. Here, one will only find the highest quality of materials and premier craftsmanship, designed for decades of use even when exposed to the elements. A uniquely designed pet memorial is sure to bring back the memories of the years of love enjoyed between an individual and his or her special friend.

Tips for Choosing Headstones Chicago

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It can be difficult for loved ones to choose a headstone for someone who has recently passed away. Judgment is often clouded by sorrow, and they may not comprehend all the choices that are available to them. However, ABC Monuments creates an array of beautiful headstones Chicago in gorgeous finishes, designs and inscriptions, making this an ideal place to begin.

Headstones ChicagoFirst, headstones Chicago should be chosen based on the shape desired. Some cemeteries, such as church plots, may limit the type, but many cemeteries allow any shape. Flat headstones are easy to care for because they are flush with the ground. Pillowtop stones are raised several inches from the ground. Uprights come in many shapes, including decorative ones, such as carved crosses. Finally, a kerbed headstone runs the full length of the grave; they are typically combined with flat or beveled markers at the head of the grave.

Second, Chicagoans will want to choose the right headstone material. Because Chicago can have all types of weather, including harsh winters and hot summers, headstones should be chosen with longevity in mind. While some may want to choose limestone or slate based on price or looks alone, granite is typically seen as the most long-lasting material. Granite can come in a variety of colors, such as black, gray, red and pink, as well as a multitude of cuts; it does not wear away over time as quickly as other materials do. Some church graveyards may require all granite stones.

After choosing the material, Chicagoans will want to choose the finish of the headstone. A polished headstone is often considered to be the most luxurious variety, boasting satiny smooth finishes on all sides. A partly polished headstone will be polished on the base and on the inscription area but will be left unpolished on other areas to provide depth and texture. Other popular finished include honed, which is a smooth but unpolished finish, and pitched, which is finished simply with a hammer and bolster.

Finally, headstones Chicago should feature a loving and unique design. An epitaph is usually chosen to express family members’ feelings toward the individual who has passed away. Of course, the individual’s name and birth and death dates will be included. Some also include decorative etchings, portraits or etched pictures, such as of flowers, teddy bears or angels.

Headstones are the last visible marker left on earth to celebrate someone’s life. ABC Monuments helps individuals express their deep feelings for loved ones who have passed on in a caring and considerate environment. With only premier materials used and an array of headstone options, ABC Monuments is the wise choice for headstones on Chicago’s north and west sides.

Memorials Chicago: Creating a Lasting Tribute

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Memorials Chicago by GeoKatMemorials Chicago can take many shapes and sizes depending on one’s budget and personal tastes. This may also depend on the cemetery because some allow only certain shapes or colors of gravestones and memorials. Some memorials are basic and may be simple uprights or pillowtop headstones. Some may be more fanciful and may be cut into a unique shape with a variety of interesting and eye-catching angles. In addition, many stones can come in a variety of colors although black and gray are the most commonly seen options.

Memorials Chicago from GeoKat are a wonderful way to make a lasting tribute to a person who was well-loved and admired. A memorial can be more personalized than a simple gravestone could be with many coming in a variety of shapes and designs to celebrate the person’s unique characteristics and dreams. While most memorials are placed in cemeteries or church plots where the individual is buried, some memorials may be placed in family gardens, surrounded by beautiful flowers and landscaping.

It is important to be creative yet thoughtful when it comes to choosing a memorial. Individuals will want to choose something that is tasteful; however, they will not want to have a memorial that looks just the same as everyone else’s does. The best way to do this is to pick unique engravings or etchings to set it apart from the rest. Common picture engravings include crosses and flowers. More individualized options could include an eagle, a rainbow, an animal or even a portrait. Some people choose to include engravings of the individual’s hobbies, such as a motorcycle or car, a fishing rod, a football or a Bible. The key is to think deeply about what engraving would best typify the deceased individual for all of time.

Some memorials may take a different route altogether. Rather than being a simple stone or monument, they may instead be an inscribed bench or a beautifully carved and etched urn. These memorials can still be placed outside and look particularly beautiful in family gardens as a loving tribute to the deceased individual. In addition, these useful memorials can be easily enjoyed by the loved ones, allowing them to feel closer to the individual who has passed away.

A memorial may be the last way to show one’s love for an individual. In addition, it can be a lasting tribute seen by all. Memorials made of granite or lavish-looking bronze will stand the test of time through all of Chicago’s seasons and will retain their etchings and designs for scores of years. ABC Monuments offers a wide variety of memorials Chicago residents will love, as well as compassionate professionals to help individuals make this important decision.

Chicago Gravestones: a Memory Forever

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Chicago gravestones are designed to help individuals remember their loved ones long after they pass away. Family and friends need to choose a lasting headstone that tells the story of the individual’s life. Whether one chooses a simple or an ornate design, a unique headstone can celebrate the individual’s passions and personal traits.

Individuals will have many types of headstones from which to choose at ABC Monuments. The type that one wants will first be determined by the cemetery and second by personal choice. For example, some cemeteries only allow flat markers for a cohesive look. However, most allow gravestones of varying heights. Some are tall and straight, while others feature granite cut on a slant to allow for easier reading. Individuals should choose based on their budgets and on their personal preferences.

Chicago gravestones can be made from a variety of materials, such as limestone, marble, sandstone, slate and cement. However, to stand up to the Chicago elements, one will want to choose a sturdy stone that will not wear away in wind, rain, snow and ice. Therefore, the best choices for Chicagoans are granite and bronze. Both of these are durable and will not etch or fade over time.

After choosing the material, individuals will want to choose a design for the gravestone. This is where one will need to use creativity to create a stone that properly memorializes the loved one’s life. Of course, the individual’s name as well as their date of birth and death will need to go on the stone. Some may want to leave room for a spouse’s name and dates to be listed at a later time as well. Many will want to include an epitaph. The epitaph should be chosen with much consideration because it should be a brief synopsis of the individual’s life passion or goal. These are normally short, pithy statements and can be chosen from a book, the Bible or from one’s own creativity.

A special carved or imprinted design can be placed around the names and epitaphs. This could be a simple scrolled design or a more ornate Victorian-style design. Some may also want to put a carved picture on the gravestone. Common choices include flowers, angels, butterflies and crosses. The Chicago gravestone company will have pictures of all the designs from which one can choose to help make the choice easier and less time-consuming.

The right Chicago gravestone can be a fitting memorial to a loved one. Those who pick high quality stones formed of granite or bronze will find that their memorials stand the test of time. A loving epitaph and tasteful design can complete this final project.

Ways to Personalize Headstone Inscriptions

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The death of a loved one is a time marked by grief, and funeral planning can be quite overwhelming. One aspect that can sometimes be rushed through or neglected when choosing gravestones Chicago is the inscription. The shape or type of stone may be given consideration based on its aesthetic appeal, but deciding on the inscription itself can be a challenge. It can be tempting to simply choose a ready-made format with just the facts or pick a formulaic verse for simplicity’s sake. However, a unique and personal inscription can be a meaningful way to honor your loved one while invoking precious memories to soothe you. Consider these ways to personalize headstone inscriptions to provide you with creative inspiration.

A Favorite Song

If music was a big part of your loved one’s life, consider choosing some lyrics to a favorite song for the headstone inscription. You can go with a particularly relevant verse or simply use the chorus. A song will be a lifelong reminder of your special bond.

Something Humorous

If the person who has passed was especially funny or enjoyed making jokes, you can always add a humorous inscription to the gravestone. Honoring a memory in such a personal way is in no way disrespectful and can bring many a smile to people’s faces on future cemetery visits.


If there is room on the gravestone you choose and such a size is permitted in the cemetery (You should always ask.), a custom piece of artwork is ideal for personalizing a grave marker. There are so many options when it comes to a drawing. It’s possible that an artist can reproduce a photo of your loved one. You could add a favorite flower or animal. Perhaps a symbol that represents a much-loved hobby would be appropriate. Artwork on a gravestone is an incredibly personal way to pay tribute.

Original Written Piece

If you are gifted with words, or know someone who is, an original poem or verse may be just the thing when nothing else seems quite right. A love letter or personal message are also acceptable. Writing from the heart is a beautiful sentiment to offer your loved one.

Creating a personalized inscription when choosing gravestones Chicago can have a number of positive benefits. It can be cathartic during this time of sorrow and can also provide inspiration in the future.

Chicago Pet Urns from GeoKat

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For those who want to honor their pet’s passing in their home, Chicago pet urns are an item that can keep the animal close to your heart. By keeping the pet in the home, it allows the animal to stay in the family and be remembered for a lifetime. The product is available in different styles to fit the personality and life of the pet.

Pet urns make for sentimental Chicago memorials for a place to store the pet after cremation. The urns are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the pet. There are also many different styles available, which can fit the taste and preference of the owner. This can allow the urn to fit in well with the surrounding decor of the home for a complementing piece that is special to each person in the family.

Chicago pet urns can be placed in a number of different areas for the pet owner to continue to feel close their the animal. Many people prefer to place the urn on the mantle of a fireplace, which will allow it to be in a safe location that is not used on a frequent basis. This will also allow it to be seen when walking into the room for a comforting reminder of the life that the pet lived. Other people enjoy putting the urn on their dresser of a bedroom or a familiar spot where the animal used to spend time. It can even sit on a console in the entryway of a home. By placing it in an area where it can be seen on a daily basis, it will make it easier to heal and move on from the passing.

The pet urns can also be personalized with the animal’s name added to the product and a special message included. A photo of the pet can also be inserted into certain urns for a custom piece that is specific to the pet’s life. Others may prefer to place it in an urn that is made out of marble or stone for a decorative accent piece that looks stunning in the space it’s in. Other types of urns have artwork that is used on the exterior and can even have the pet’s tag attached.

For those who want to remain close to their pet and keep the animal in their thoughts, using a pet urn is an incredible way of keeping the animal close for future years.

Buying Chicago Memorials

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If a person who was close to you in life just passed on, then it may be up to you to take care of many of the typical arrangements that are associated with deaths. You may be in charge of choosing between grave makers and headstones for the person who was and is so important to you. If your duty is to find high-quality grave markers and headstones in the Chicago, Illinois area, however, you don’t have to worry very much. Finding and buying Chicago memorials is generally relatively easy courtesy of the ABC Monuments that specialize in all the items. Since passing on is a normal part of life that everyone experiences at some point, it’s never really hard to find a trustworthy business that has a good selection of memorials.

When you’re looking into buying Chicago memorials, you should always take a variety of things into consideration. First and foremost, you should consider what the deceased person would prefer and like. Your goal should be to find a memorial that fits the person who passed away perfectly and accurately. You should also consider general artistry. Since a memorial is an item that is supposed to last for a very, very long time (to downplay it a bit), it’s important to look for one that’s constructed well and out of a strong and dependable material. When you look into your choices in businesses that sell memorials, ask questions about the professionals who produce them. Your main priority should be to select a company with a team of enthusiastic artisans who truly care about fine craftsmanship and design. It can also help significantly to work with a company that welcomes your ideas regarding headstone design elements. You should ideally work with a business that can successfully take on and complete basic and elaborate headstone designs alike.

If you’re looking to buy top quality headstones in Chicago, don’t simply choose the first “normal” or “just okay” business you encounter. Try to be as diligent and careful as possible when you select a company. Although people often don’t have a lot of time to plan freely after others pass away, it’s crucial to be as meticulous and discerning as possible when you decide to go with a specific memorial company.