A family pet holds a special place in one’s life. Whether the pet is a dog, cat, bird or another creature, it provides joy, companionship and a caring presence. When pets pass on, families will want to remember the unique bond they shared. Although pictures are nice, they often do not stand the test of time. Loving grave markers, such as Chicago pet memorials, are a solid way of commemorating the love of a lost pet.

The pet memorials at ABC Monuments are made of the finest quality materials. While some may like the price of cheaper stones, such as limestone, sandstone or slate, GeoKat believes that using premium granite for pet memorials is well worth the investment. Granite can be cut into virtually any shape, can be etched and polished and comes in a wide array of colors, including black, gray, mahogany and pink.

In addition, granite is designed to hold up amazingly well over the years. Other softer stones wear away when exposed to years of rain, snow, ice and wind, common themes in the Chicago area. This can destroy the lettering and carved designs on the memorial’s face. However, granite stands up to the elements much better, lasting in much the same condition for decades. This is particularly important for pet memorials that will be placed outdoors.

Chicago Pet Memorials

ABC Monuments can make a variety of pet memorials, such as garden stones, pet markers or pet headstones. These memorials are not limited only to use in a pet cemetery. Instead, GeoKat wants pet owners to feel that they can take the memory of their loved pet with them wherever they go. These memorials serve as excellent reminders when placed in a home garden, or they can be used as grave markers for pets buried on the family property.

In addition, an expertly engraved pet memorial can be the perfect gift for those who have recently lost their own pets. Some people do not know what to say when a friend’s pet dies. A granite pet memorial can do all the talking by showing a deep level of compassion and understanding.

Whether an individual is looking for expertly designed Chicago pet memorials to commemorate his or her own loss or to console a loved one on the loss of a pet, ABC Monuments is an excellent choice for Chicagoans living in the north or west suburbs. Here, one will only find the highest quality of materials and premier craftsmanship, designed for decades of use even when exposed to the elements. A uniquely designed pet memorial is sure to bring back the memories of the years of love enjoyed between an individual and his or her special friend.