Granite Etching & Porcelain Portraits

Gravestone Granite Etching

ABC Monuments offers customized granite etchings, as well as porcelain portraits. Both granite etching & porcelain portraits are available in a variety of sizes. Special sizes and shapes are also available upon request. Granite etching & porcelain portraits are a unique and special way to personalize a headstone or monument.

Granite Etching Portraits

Professional etchings are black & white and can be done on Jet Black stone only. Common sizes available are:

  • 4”x6”
  • 5”x7”
  • 8”x10”

Any other size of etching can be done including etching scenery on whole face of the black monument.

Porcelain Portraits

Porcelain PortraitsProfessional porcelain pictures are color and can be done on any color stone. Common sizes available are:

  • 2.375”x3.125”
  • 3.125”x4”
  • 4.25”x6”

******Special Sizes & Shapes Available Upon Request******