Chicago Granite Columbariums

We specialize in pre-assembled Chicago granite columbariums.  Our expert team will assist you from the beginning of blueprint through design, production and installation of your granite columbariums.

GeoKat is your source for Chicago granite columbariums.  We offer a nice selection of granite columbariums to suit your family’s needs from small to large.

Chicago Granite Columbariums or Mausoleums?

Many people may wonder what the difference is between a columbarium and a mausoleum. Columbariums, or columbaria, are buildings or rooms which house urns. Chicago granite columbariums can be a part of a mausoleum, or they may also be free-standing.

If you are looking for a respectful way to gather your family’s ashes and urns in one location, Chicago granite columbariums may be the answer. Chicago granite columbariums can be designed to be small and unassuming, or to meet the growing needs of your ever expanding family. The experts at ABC Monuments can help you create the Chicago granite columbariums that fit both your plot size as well as your family size, and can provide you with the perfect memorial space for your family for generations past and generations to come.