How To Place The Order

Order Process

    1. All the cemeteries have certain restrictions when it comes to size and shape of headstone allowed.  Please call us with the name of the cemetery where you would  like us to install a headstone and we will check on those regulations for you.
    2. We will prepare all documents required for headstone installation permits.
    3. Choose monument from our Commonly Stocked Stones or others below.  Or talk to us about custom monument you have in mind.
    4. Decide on text you would like to be carved on monument.  Here is a list of Epitaphs you can use or use as an inspiration.
    5. Choose on additional artistic carvings and borders our designers could suggest.  We have thousands of different carving designs that can be performed on front of the monument.
    6. If we are installing the monument we will make all necessary arrangements.

Available Granite Headstones Selections:

Other Headstone Selections