It can be quite difficult to choose the perfect tombstone for an individual at any point. However, one of the most difficult times to choose one is immediately after a loved one has died and when the funeral home is pressuring the relative to pick one out quickly. Knowing a few tips for making the right choice can help ease the stress of the process and provide peace of mind that one has chosen from the best Chicago tombstones available.Chicago Headstones & Monuments from GeoKat

First, the cemetery may have specific qualifications for how the tombstone should look. Oftentimes, church cemeteries have the most stringent rules and may want all the tombstones in the churchyard to appear uniform.This may limit individuals on tombstone height, shape and color. For example, some cemeteries may only allow slanted tombstones or upright tombstones and may not allow tombstones carved into shapes, such as crosses, or tombstones with additional features, such as stone vases. Other cemeteries may only allow black or gray stones rather than all colors.

Second, some cemeteries may only want flat headstones that are either slightly raised from the ground or flush with the ground. These headstones are typically smaller than upright or slanted tombstones are and may not include as much space for pictures or epitaphs on them. However, they create a pleasing atmosphere and are quite easy for groundskeepers to tend.

Third, the choice of a tombstone is up to personal preference once the requirements of the cemetery are fulfilled. One thing to consider in Chicago is the type of stone used. Here, granite is the best choice, being a strong, long-lasting stone. Other options that are sometimes seen include sandstone, limestone, slate and marble. However, these have a tendency to wear away in the inclement weather often seen here. Individuals will also be able to choose a personal epitaph and engraving for the tombstone if desired or may want to have a photograph engraved on the stone.

Finally, individuals should be aware of regulations regarding installation of Chicago tombstones. Some cemeteries do it free for the individuals while others levy an additional fee. On the other hand, some tombstone companies install their own tombstones. At ABC Monuments, trained professionals can install the headstone of one’s choice.

ABC Monuments provides high quality Chicago tombstones that will stand the test of time and endure for many generations. GeoKat has a huge selection of stones of all shapes and sizes and can provide a wide array of colors, including black, gray, mahogany and red. The service here is always compassionate and professional.