It can be difficult for loved ones to choose a headstone for someone who has recently passed away. Judgment is often clouded by sorrow, and they may not comprehend all the choices that are available to them. However, ABC Monuments creates an array of beautiful headstones Chicago in gorgeous finishes, designs and inscriptions, making this an ideal place to begin.

Headstones ChicagoFirst, headstones Chicago should be chosen based on the shape desired. Some cemeteries, such as church plots, may limit the type, but many cemeteries allow any shape. Flat headstones are easy to care for because they are flush with the ground. Pillowtop stones are raised several inches from the ground. Uprights come in many shapes, including decorative ones, such as carved crosses. Finally, a kerbed headstone runs the full length of the grave; they are typically combined with flat or beveled markers at the head of the grave.

Second, Chicagoans will want to choose the right headstone material. Because Chicago can have all types of weather, including harsh winters and hot summers, headstones should be chosen with longevity in mind. While some may want to choose limestone or slate based on price or looks alone, granite is typically seen as the most long-lasting material. Granite can come in a variety of colors, such as black, gray, red and pink, as well as a multitude of cuts; it does not wear away over time as quickly as other materials do. Some church graveyards may require all granite stones.

After choosing the material, Chicagoans will want to choose the finish of the headstone. A polished headstone is often considered to be the most luxurious variety, boasting satiny smooth finishes on all sides. A partly polished headstone will be polished on the base and on the inscription area but will be left unpolished on other areas to provide depth and texture. Other popular finished include honed, which is a smooth but unpolished finish, and pitched, which is finished simply with a hammer and bolster.

Finally, headstones Chicago should feature a loving and unique design. An epitaph is usually chosen to express family members’ feelings toward the individual who has passed away. Of course, the individual’s name and birth and death dates will be included. Some also include decorative etchings, portraits or etched pictures, such as of flowers, teddy bears or angels.

Headstones are the last visible marker left on earth to celebrate someone’s life. ABC Monuments helps individuals express their deep feelings for loved ones who have passed on in a caring and considerate environment. With only premier materials used and an array of headstone options, ABC Monuments is the wise choice for headstones on Chicago’s north and west sides.