The death of a loved one is a time marked by grief, and funeral planning can be quite overwhelming. One aspect that can sometimes be rushed through or neglected when choosing gravestones Chicago is the inscription. The shape or type of stone may be given consideration based on its aesthetic appeal, but deciding on the inscription itself can be a challenge. It can be tempting to simply choose a ready-made format with just the facts or pick a formulaic verse for simplicity’s sake. However, a unique and personal inscription can be a meaningful way to honor your loved one while invoking precious memories to soothe you. Consider these ways to personalize headstone inscriptions to provide you with creative inspiration.

A Favorite Song

If music was a big part of your loved one’s life, consider choosing some lyrics to a favorite song for the headstone inscription. You can go with a particularly relevant verse or simply use the chorus. A song will be a lifelong reminder of your special bond.

Something Humorous

If the person who has passed was especially funny or enjoyed making jokes, you can always add a humorous inscription to the gravestone. Honoring a memory in such a personal way is in no way disrespectful and can bring many a smile to people’s faces on future cemetery visits.


If there is room on the gravestone you choose and such a size is permitted in the cemetery (You should always ask.), a custom piece of artwork is ideal for personalizing a grave marker. There are so many options when it comes to a drawing. It’s possible that an artist can reproduce a photo of your loved one. You could add a favorite flower or animal. Perhaps a symbol that represents a much-loved hobby would be appropriate. Artwork on a gravestone is an incredibly personal way to pay tribute.

Original Written Piece

If you are gifted with words, or know someone who is, an original poem or verse may be just the thing when nothing else seems quite right. A love letter or personal message are also acceptable. Writing from the heart is a beautiful sentiment to offer your loved one.

Creating a personalized inscription when choosing gravestones Chicago can have a number of positive benefits. It can be cathartic during this time of sorrow and can also provide inspiration in the future.