Chicago gravestones are designed to help individuals remember their loved ones long after they pass away. Family and friends need to choose a lasting headstone that tells the story of the individual’s life. Whether one chooses a simple or an ornate design, a unique headstone can celebrate the individual’s passions and personal traits.

Individuals will have many types of headstones from which to choose at ABC Monuments. The type that one wants will first be determined by the cemetery and second by personal choice. For example, some cemeteries only allow flat markers for a cohesive look. However, most allow gravestones of varying heights. Some are tall and straight, while others feature granite cut on a slant to allow for easier reading. Individuals should choose based on their budgets and on their personal preferences.

Chicago gravestones can be made from a variety of materials, such as limestone, marble, sandstone, slate and cement. However, to stand up to the Chicago elements, one will want to choose a sturdy stone that will not wear away in wind, rain, snow and ice. Therefore, the best choices for Chicagoans are granite and bronze. Both of these are durable and will not etch or fade over time.

After choosing the material, individuals will want to choose a design for the gravestone. This is where one will need to use creativity to create a stone that properly memorializes the loved one’s life. Of course, the individual’s name as well as their date of birth and death will need to go on the stone. Some may want to leave room for a spouse’s name and dates to be listed at a later time as well. Many will want to include an epitaph. The epitaph should be chosen with much consideration because it should be a brief synopsis of the individual’s life passion or goal. These are normally short, pithy statements and can be chosen from a book, the Bible or from one’s own creativity.

A special carved or imprinted design can be placed around the names and epitaphs. This could be a simple scrolled design or a more ornate Victorian-style design. Some may also want to put a carved picture on the gravestone. Common choices include flowers, angels, butterflies and crosses. The Chicago gravestone company will have pictures of all the designs from which one can choose to help make the choice easier and less time-consuming.

The right Chicago gravestone can be a fitting memorial to a loved one. Those who pick high quality stones formed of granite or bronze will find that their memorials stand the test of time. A loving epitaph and tasteful design can complete this final project.