Choosing Chicago Grave Markers before Death

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Finalizing what you want to happen at the end of your life has gotten more and more complex over the years. You no longer need just a will; now you need a will, a properly set-up trust, advance directives, and more. As you navigate all that, don’t forget to arrange for your final resting place, as well as the marker that will sit at the head of the grave.

GeoKat offers Chicago grave markers that can be either raised headstones or flat, rectangular markers. The flat markers usually conform to specific dimensions, but the headstones can vary in size and shape. If you do not specify ahead of time what you want on the marker or stone, your family will have to decide while in the midst of grief. Selecting before hand can help them in a very emotional time.

Choosing Chicago grave markers can be bought and designed before you die — the death date is left blank until you actually pass away, of course — so take the time to decide what you want on the stone. Even if you have not finalized your burial plans, you ca give your family an idea of what information you want on there. If you don’t want tribute lines, or if you do want a specific shape, let your family know so that they have one less thing to deal with after you die.

When you start choosing Chicago grave markers, talk to mortuaries and companies that handle Chicago memorials. Find out the average sizes and prices of each type of marker. Many times, the cost of the marker is per character, not per word, and you might be restricted to a certain number of lines. Knowing these parameters will help you put together a grave marker that makes you feel calm and complete.

If you can, choose a final resting place — in other words, reserve your grave location — and pay ahead for as much as you can. Companies that handle Chicago memorials can break down all of the costs for you and let you know which ones you can pay for now. That will be a big relief for your family because they will not have to worry about finding money for your burial once you die.

Headstones Chicago IL That Will Be Long Remembered

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Those living in the Chicago, Illinois, area want beautiful headstones and memorials when their loved ones pass away. ABC Monuments offers grave markers and headstones Chicago Il can count on to last.  ABC Monuments headstones are among the best in the area and will stand the test of time. Individuals can choose exactly what they would like engraved on the stone and can depend upon the team of professionals to create an elegant and high quality piece.

Individuals looking for the perfect stone to commemorate an amazing life lived can browse the inventory or can even bring in a picture of a current headstone to be duplicated. There are a variety of shapes, sizes and colors from which to choose, which can help to create a marker that is as unique as the individual was. The knowledgeable and friendly professionals here will do their best to copy the individual’s wishes to create a one-of-a-kind headstone that will help loved ones remember their lost family member or friend.

When buying headstones in Chicago Il must stand up to the elements here, including the wind, rain, ice and snow that the city frequently sees. These headstones are designed of the highest quality stone to remain whole and beautiful for generations to come. In fact, many of these stones are designed to have names added to them throughout the years, creating a wonderful family memorial. From large headstones with intricate engravings to plainer markers with simple fonts, this team can create a headstone that will be remembered for decades if not centuries to come.

Chicago Headstones For Graves Information

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Chicago Headstones For Graves InformationPeople who are searching for Chicago headstones for graves shouldn’t usually have a very hard time locating them, just go to ABC Monuments. There are many trustworthy and reputable monument companies based in and around the large Illinois metropolis. If a person who was near and dear to you recently passed on, our website can help you find some of your best choices in headstones.

People never want to be slapdash and quick in selecting headstones for the people they cherish so much. Finding a quality headstone is an important decision that requires diligence and patience. It’s not something that takes just a few minutes. When you select a cemetery headstone, there’s a very strong chance that it will serve as a memorial for your loved one’s life for decades and decades. There’s also a very strong chance that it will serve as a memorial for his or her family members. Since buying a headstone is such a major decision, it’s one that involves a lot of planning. When you’re looking for Chicago headstones for graves, you may want to begin by asking people you know for recommendations of good local companies.  But you really need to look no further than ABC Monuments.

Checking out numerous reviews of monument businesses can often be extremely helpful. If you discover a company near you that appears to have a terrific reputation among past customers, Geokat is that company.  They have a variety of wonderful Chicago headstone for graves.  Feel free to call them at any time for help with memorializing your loved one.

Chicago Pet Grave Markers for Your Beloved Family Member

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The people at Geokat know that pets can become a part of the family so we offer Chicago pet grave makers that will properly memorialize your pet. We often get them when they are babies and raise them to adulthood. We teach them tricks and play with them. Often, we even grow up with them. Our pets are there for us whenever we need them. The bond we form with them over the years is unbreakable.

Pets come in many shapes and sizes. From tiny hamsters to large dogs and even horses. Animals seem to take on personalities of their own. It’s fun to watch cats chase laser pointers around the house, and it’s fun teaching our dogs new tricks.

Pets are often the first to welcome us when we get home. We take care of them. In return, they provide their loyalty and companionship. Unfortunately, owning a pet means we will eventually have to cope with its death. This is a fact that our Chicago pet grave markers know all too well.

Some pets only live a little while, but some pets can live for many years. The loss of a pet can be very traumatic. When a pet dies, we want a way to remember it. Our Chicago pet grave markers can create a monument that serves as a permanent memorial, so the memory of our beloved pet can live on forever.

Find Quality Headstones in Chicago

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Find Quality Headstones in ChicagoWhen you want to find monuments Chicago residents will appreciate, buy yours from a reputable company. There are many headstones in Chicago to choose from, so make sure that you work with a company that can give you a quality stone that looks like you want it to.

You can choose from single or double headstones Chicago IL residents recommend. There are a variety of options to choose from. You can pick from different colors and the monument can say exactly what you want it to. Many people have the deceased loved one’s name added to the monument, the date of their birth and death, and special verses or saying written on the monument. Pictures and artwork can also be added.

Chicago pet grave markers are available too. You can choose the perfect headstone for your favorite animal. There are many budget friendly options out there. You can choose a headstone that will help you to always remember your pet.

You can pick out the best Chicago headstones for graves of all sorts. When you are looking for headstones in Chicago, be sure to choose the best possible option. It is important to choose a monument that is the right texture, style, and color for your loved one or beloved pet. When it comes to headstones in Chicago, you want to work with a company that can customize the headstone the way that you want it.

Pay Respects with Monuments Chicago

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When someone who is near to you passes away, one of the best ways to memorialize their life is with monuments Chicago from ABC Monuments. Headstones and monuments Chicago give grieving family members a variety of grave markers to choose from to mark the final resting spot of their loved one. No matter whether you want a traditional granite stone or an elaborate monument that really pays homage to your family member, you can find a headstone monument that is fit for your needs.

Typically, smaller headstones allow families to commemorate their loved ones on a budget. Larger, more elaborate stones or mausoleums are grander in size, scope and cost, but stand out among other grave markers.

If you’re thinking about having a larger headstone created, it’s always a smart idea to discuss your plans with the burial grounds to make sure that the stone does not exceed any size limits that are in place. By doing this, you can avoid complications when the time comes for the headstone to be permanently set.

These days, Chicago headstones for graves are not just for humans. Chicago pet grave markers are an impressive way to remember your favorite feline or canine companion. When choosing a memorial stone for your animal friend, you can choose a headstone that is as simple or as elaborate as you want it.

While it is never easy to say “goodbye” to a person or pet who is dear to you, headstones in Chicago help keep their memory very much alive.

Know Your Options Before Picking out Chicago Tombstones

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An Important Decision

Picking out a tombstone is never an easy task since it means you have lost a loved family member or friend or maybe even a cherished pet for whom you would like to purchase a pet memorial stone. The entire process can be overwhelming, especially in the midst of a tragedy. Funeral providers in the Chicago, Illinois, area understand this problem and are dedicated to making this painful time in your life as smooth and unproblematic as possible. They are available to assist you in finding Chicago tombstones, Chicago cemetery monuments, Chicago monuments or Chicago pet memorial stones.

The city of Chicago has many reputable funeral companies that offer an extensive selection of tombstones and monuments to mark the place your loved one rests. Whether you prefer granite or bronze; flat or raised; or classic or personalized, there is something available to suit every individual’s needs, preferences and budget.

Where to Begin

There are many favored places to purchase tombstones, monuments and pet memorial stones in the Chicago area, including well-established companies such as the Peter Troost Monument Company, Elmwood Cemetery Memorials, and Maurice Moore Memorials, just to name a few. Each company offers its own selection of markers to choose from with different personalization options at varying degrees of detail and complexity. Cemeteries in Chicago charge a fee to install the memorial or gravestone, and each of these companies can provide you with the information you need to know regarding cost and regulations before deciding which marker to purchase.

What Can I Afford?

While price might not seem relevant at such a time, for many people, their budget is going to determine what they choose. In the Chicago area, purchasing a tombstone can cost anywhere between $600-1200 for flat individual markers and gravestones and $1100-$2000 for flat companion markers and gravestones. Slant markers run approximately $1030-$2000 for individual and $1500-3500 for companion markers. Upright monuments and gravestones can cost $1700-$7000 for single markers, $2300-$7500 for companion markers and anywhere from $4000-$15,000 for family monuments. In addition to these rates, there are many add-ons and personalization affects such as engraving and artistry design that can also be added for additional rates. It all depends where you make your purchase and what type of stone you want. Regardless of your budget, Chicago has a funeral service company that can help you during this difficult time.

Chicago Pet Memorial Stones Help Ease Loss of Furry Loved Ones

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Pets are part of a family and are an integral part of a home. When a beloved pet dies, the loss can be devastating and felt by everyone in the family. Chicago pet memorial stones will help families to remember their furry loved ones by honoring their memory.

There are many different types of ways to honor the loss of a pet. These ways can include tombstones, monuments and memorial stones.

Chicago tombstones offer a way to mark the grave of a pet who has passed away. Tombstones can be customized by shape, size and color. They can be personally engraved to express a poignant message about the pet. The tombstones in Chicago can even include a picture of the pet, helping those who visit to remember the good memories they have with their pet. There are a variety of different types of stones, which include granite, porcelain and bronze, guaranteeing that the tombstone reflects the pet’s personality and style.

Whether the pet is laid to rest in a pet cemetery or in a family plot, Chicago cemetery monuments will help all to cherish the memories of the pet who has passed away. Chicago monuments can be carved or etched to portray the pet’s likeness and personality, helping all of those who view the monument to feel more at peace. Monuments can be designed in a variety of sizes, guaranteeing that no matter where the furry loved one is laid to rest, the monument will fit the plot and the needs of the family.

Chicago pet memorial stones can be as simple as a small, engraved stone that is displayed in a garden to a large stone that marks the grave where the pet has been buried. The memorial stone can be designed to meet the family’s needs, with care and compassion being shown through this difficult time.

Pets are friends, confidantes and companions to those who love them. In the Chicago area, there is no better way to honor this beloved pet than a pet memorial stone that will help the family to remember all of the good times they had with their pet.

Finding Chicago Monuments

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If you’re in the midst of preparations for the passing of someone in your life, then you may want to learn more about finding Chicago monuments. Businesses that specialize in memorials have selections of monuments for people in the Chicago area. People can choose between cremation pillars, cemetery granite beaches, markers, headstones, grave markers, civic memorials and various other kinds of memorials that display esteem for people who have departed from this life.

Finding Chicago MonumentsWhen people are responsible for buying monuments for those who have just deceased, they have to take a variety of things into consideration. First and foremost, appearance matters a lot. They have to make sure they select memorials that are appropriate matches for the deceased persons. Material also counts a lot. Memorials should be made out of materials that are simultaneously attractive and durable. These things can often influence the price of monuments, however. Other things that influence monument prices are size and design detail. Larger monuments tend to be more expensive. Monuments that have more complex and detailed designs also tend to be more expensive, and understandably so. When people shop for monuments in Chicago, they can request price estimates from businesses after providing relevant information such as cemetery details, overall budget and design suggestions. All of that information can help monument businesses determine prices of monuments.

Beyond style, monuments come in many different varieties. Examples of these are family, two grave and single grave monuments. Family monuments are made for multiple members of a family, as the name suggests. Two grave monuments are made for two people at a time. Single grave monuments, last but not least, are made for individual persons. When people buy monuments, they have to carefully consider what types of monuments are suitable and these categories are definitely something to contemplate.

Granite is an extremely popular stone that is seen in memorials for the deceased. Many people admire this material because it’s strong, tough and very visually appealing. Granite monuments tend to remain in strong condition for years and years. Granite monuments exist in many colors too, specifically red, black and blue.

If you are having trouble finding Chicago monuments to suite you needs please call the number below. GeoKat is happy to help.

A Chicago Cemetery Monument to Commemorate your Loved One’s Life

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Chicago Cemetery MonumentFor many people, losing a loved one to death is one of the most emotionally painful and challenging experiences of their lives. This is especially the case when a family member passes away suddenly. Are you currently mourning the loss of someone special in your life? To get you through this difficult time, you might be concentrating on the fond memories you shared through the years with your relative. And, you may be trying to be thankful for the time you spent on this earth with your loved one. In addition to these positive thoughts, you can do something more to help you remember this special person forever. A great way to celebrate a deceased loved one’s live is to purchase a Chicago cemetery monument in honor of him or her.

While flowers and plants eventually die, a Chicago cemetery monument will last forever. By installing this type of memorial at your loved one’s cemetery, your relative’s life will be memorialized in stone. Whenever you visit the cemetery, you can think about the life your relative lived while gazing at a beautiful, lasting monument. This type of marker is a great place to engrave some of your family member’s favorite quotes on. For instance, did your loved one always say something in particular when you were feeling depressed that always improved your mood? Perhaps, your relative enjoyed quoting lines from a favorite movie, book, or comedian. Having special phrases of your loved one engraved on his or her monument will help you remember him or her lovingly. And, this act will help future generations of family members understand how amazing your family member was.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is devastating. Fortunately, for some people, the emotional pain does lessen over time. Keeping a loved one’s memory alive is therapeutic for some people. Many bereaved persons successfully accomplish this task by purchasing a Chicago cemetery monument.