When it comes to countertops, choosing the right material is especially important. There is a wide variety of tile, vinyl, quartz, laminate, marble and granite available. Chicago granite is the preferred choice of many locals.

Marble and granite available in many different patterns and colors. Chicago granite is an excellent material that resists heat, cold and scratches. The highest quality material is used and highly qualified technicians complete installation quickly. An expert will demonstrate how the various colors will fit in with your décor.

Granite has been used for numerous important structures throughout history. In the 11th century AD the world’s first granite temple was built in India. No other materials were used. As a tough material, it is often used in today’s construction industry and has been used for years to make cemetery and memorial stones.

Although there are similarities between marble and granite, there are a number of reasons that people choose granite. While marble has a basic color, with veins of contrasting color running throughout, granite is made of a variety of colors that create a continuous pattern throughout. This makes it an attractive addition to a kitchen or bathroom.

Chicago granite displays a higher record of durability and hardness so is more resistant to scratches and chips than marble. Although, like marble, granite must be sealed every two years, it requires less maintenance. A wet cloth is all that is needed to keep it looking like new.

Granite is somewhat lower in cost than marble countertops. The finished price depends on the type of sink used and the number of seams and corners involved. When the color is chosen it is important to obtain a written estimate. The company will stand behind their product with reasonable prices and good warranties.

Many people who have purchased modular homes have discovered that countertops are covered with a vinyl material that looks like granite. Unfortunately, this material is sensitive to heat or cold dishes, pots and pans. If they are placed on the vinyl surface, it will char or buckle. This emphasizes the advantages of choosing granite that will last for years and eliminate any worry about accidentally placing a hot item on its surface.

Choosing the right materials for one’s home often depends on the room’s design and personal desires. It is possible to find a granite pattern that will fulfill both of these requirements. As time goes on it will become apparent that this is an excellent choice.