Memorials Chicago by GeoKatMemorials Chicago can take many shapes and sizes depending on one’s budget and personal tastes. This may also depend on the cemetery because some allow only certain shapes or colors of gravestones and memorials. Some memorials are basic and may be simple uprights or pillowtop headstones. Some may be more fanciful and may be cut into a unique shape with a variety of interesting and eye-catching angles. In addition, many stones can come in a variety of colors although black and gray are the most commonly seen options.

Memorials Chicago from GeoKat are a wonderful way to make a lasting tribute to a person who was well-loved and admired. A memorial can be more personalized than a simple gravestone could be with many coming in a variety of shapes and designs to celebrate the person’s unique characteristics and dreams. While most memorials are placed in cemeteries or church plots where the individual is buried, some memorials may be placed in family gardens, surrounded by beautiful flowers and landscaping.

It is important to be creative yet thoughtful when it comes to choosing a memorial. Individuals will want to choose something that is tasteful; however, they will not want to have a memorial that looks just the same as everyone else’s does. The best way to do this is to pick unique engravings or etchings to set it apart from the rest. Common picture engravings include crosses and flowers. More individualized options could include an eagle, a rainbow, an animal or even a portrait. Some people choose to include engravings of the individual’s hobbies, such as a motorcycle or car, a fishing rod, a football or a Bible. The key is to think deeply about what engraving would best typify the deceased individual for all of time.

Some memorials may take a different route altogether. Rather than being a simple stone or monument, they may instead be an inscribed bench or a beautifully carved and etched urn. These memorials can still be placed outside and look particularly beautiful in family gardens as a loving tribute to the deceased individual. In addition, these useful memorials can be easily enjoyed by the loved ones, allowing them to feel closer to the individual who has passed away.

A memorial may be the last way to show one’s love for an individual. In addition, it can be a lasting tribute seen by all. Memorials made of granite or lavish-looking bronze will stand the test of time through all of Chicago’s seasons and will retain their etchings and designs for scores of years. ABC Monuments offers a wide variety of memorials Chicago residents will love, as well as compassionate professionals to help individuals make this important decision.