Pets provide an excellent sense of companionship, but they will not be around forever. Death is an inescapable reality on this planet, and mankind’s animal friends have much shorter life-spans than people. While their body ultimately succumbs to an inevitable end, it is possible to erect a monument that preserves their memory for the ages. The easiest way to maintain a loving memorial is through the sheer craftsmanship of Chicago pet grave markers. These sentimentally ceremonial pieces commemorate the passing of animal spirits with divine love and care.

Customize Size, Shape and Epitaph

The possibilities are endless when it comes to immortalizing a lost pet. These brilliant markers are available in sizes that are much smaller than the standard grave stone. This lets them be a lot more discreet, so they are perfectly suited for backyard burials. A tinier size allows for more portability, and it makes the set-up process way simpler.

The GeoKat catalog has an advanced database of epitaphs to choose from. These touching phrases are lifted from the annals of ancient literature, and many Bible passages are also sprinkled throughout the collection of eulogies. The selections offered are very specific and nuanced, but customers are welcomed to bring in generalized statements if they prefer.

Animals also have a tendency to possess more variation in their names, so GeoKat services keep this in mind when inscribing their grave markers. Whether the lost pet is named “Fluffy” or “Prince Alexander of Springfield the Seventh,” they will find a way to fit the entire moniker on the stone. Type-face can also be selected based on size and font.

The makers of these markers understand the integral role a pet can play within a family unit. Because they intrinsically know how important an animal companion can be, they know how to treat them with the proper respect they deserve. These wonderful little headstones give them the same loving treatment that people typically reserve for their family and friends. Thus, these sweet headstones permanently elevate the deceased animal’s social status.

Materials, Etchings and Portraiture

Granite is the traditional offering, but a small variety of alternate materials are available to ensure every pet is properly memorialized. Bronze is a very popular selection, and the warm tint can certify a royal status for the dead critter. This is the medium that offers clients the maximum level of customization. Almost every detail of the altar can be personally altered.

There are a lot of options available within the realm of granite too. Symbolic statues can be put in place to represent their eternal wild spirit. These beautiful carved sculptures completely enhance a sentimental ambiance. Miniature mausoleums are now a possibility, and truly dedicated worshipers can pursue a full-fledged columbarium. These can become exceedingly grand, but some cats and dogs still deserve the Egyptian treatment of immortal adoration.

The etchings are a key offering from GeoKat. The company specializes in Chicago pet grave markers that defy all expectations to deliver top-of-the-line commemoration services. Granite engravings are currently provided in three different sizes to suit the contrasting needs of all customers. These sizes are 4″x6″, 5″x7″, and 8″x10″. Although faint, these shadowy pictures permanently preserve the fleeting memory of a lost fuzzy friend.

Porcelain etchings invite further freedom in terms of design. These professional images are personally done by GeoKat to ensure a zenith in quality. In reverse from the granite etchings, these engravings can be completed on any color surface. There is also more flexibility in the sizing of images as well. In addition to 2.375″x3.125″, 3.125″x4″, and 4.25″x6″, customers can also pick their own sizes through special requests. Furry likenesses can be fully replicated on the headstone, so it will almost be as if the animal was never gone.

The Professionalism of GeoKat

GeoKat is a business that excels at providing personal services with extreme reliability and care. They are deeply invested in the needs of every client. It is a major tenet of this company to always focus on pleasing their customers; they accomplish this by primarily offering hand-carved Chicago pet grave markers. The fact that these pieces are uniquely made by professional craftsmen is a huge source of pride for the company.

No challenge is too large for these custom headstone designers. The impressive team has repeatedly shown off their precise skills, and they want to extend this offer of divine artistry to grieving pet owners all around Illinois. Being centered in Chicago gives them the chance to rapidly fulfill all shipping needs. Mailing is a crucial aspect of the GeoKat business model, and they do everything to guarantee satisfaction upon arrival. Any headstone that is damaged in transit will be replaced immediately upon return!

To add extra security, a signature will be necessary at the moment of delivery to make sure the marker was received by the right person. It is wise to conduct an inspection of the gravestone before signing, especially since this will speed up the process for returns if something faulty is detected.

If the cemetery or grave site is close enough, GeoKat will send a certified installation expert to assist with setting up the memorial. This expedites the process while ensuring a perfectly erected monument. Furthermore, the professional staff is gladly able to periodically conduct headstone maintenance. Their dutiful attention can stave off the natural degradation that all headstones usually experience and endure. By routinely checking on their work, they can completely stave off any disrepair. This guarantee is a special service that shows a personal investment in their clients.

Exactness is always showcased in the finished product, and the engravings can easily include complex foreign languages. Clients only need to turn in the proper spelling of their desired headstone outcome, and GeoKat will get straight to work! Since their efforts are not digitized, they are not limited in any capacity. Every carving is unique, mainly since each one is personally performed by delicate hands.

Final Word on the Best Chicago Pet Grave Markers

GeoKat is not the only company that offers grave site services for pets, but they are certainly the best one in Chicago. They are fully aware that customers could go anywhere to satisfy this niche need, so they grant endless extra perks to keep clients coming back. Input is allowed during every step of the design and construction. The customer’s word is truly valuable, and this company adheres to the letter of every nuanced request.

The death of a pet is tragic, and it can leave a lot of people wallowing in uncertain despair. Fortunately, this trauma does not have to last eternally. By properly burying the animal, it becomes easier to move on. When they are lovingly memorialized, everything starts to feel right again. Having one of these artistically hand-crafted pieces can make it feel like the critter never left in the first place. Now they will always be in the same spot. They can never get lost again, and the hardest part is finally over.

Dealing with the passing of family members is something everyone hopes to avoid, but the loss of pets simply cannot be dodged in the grand scheme of existence. People can easily have over a dozen pets in the course of their life, but this does not mean they should be honored any less. Every cherished animal companion should be given the full respect they earned while living. These customized grave markers offer supreme recognition and love to all lost pets.