Pet owners know that the loss of a beloved animal is similar to losing a member of their family. Whether a person has had their pet for decades or only a few weeks, the bonds they share are strong. Following a loss, it is important to take the time to properly mourn while finding ways to cherish the memories and experiences that one has shared with their pet. For many animal lovers, Chicago pet urns are the perfect way to memorialize their dog or cat while serving as a tangible reminder of their time together.

When a pet passes away, many people are unprepared for handling the arrangements that are necessary to properly honor their pet. Grief can make it even more challenging to make such serious decisions immediately following a loss. It is common for a person to vacillate between having a burial or cremation performed. For those who prefer cremation, our Chicago pet urns can provide a place in the home where a person can honor their pet.

Our Chicago Pet urns can be placed anywhere that a person wants to be reminded of their pet. They can be placed upon a mantle or table, or some people prefer placing the urn in their pet’s favorite resting spot. Pictures, inscriptions and even a pet’s name can be placed on the urn to create a personalized piece of memorabilia. While the loss of a pet can take time to get over, having a physical representation of a pet’s presence can be healing for those who are experiencing grief.